Vélvík operates in the field of specialized precision engineering, with the highest degree of accuracy required and the least can be achieved. The company possesses one of the most advanced machines available, and can therefore meet customer requirements to the fullest extent.

In the company, we have over 50 different machines and devices that enable us to solve the most diverse tasks. Our company is world-class in its field, including machines that are in a special category in Iceland.

Among our most powerful machines are the following:


Mazak integrex i-200st “Multi Tasking Machine” Mazak Hyper Quadrex 150MSY Mazak Integrex i-300 “Multi Tasking Machine”

Þessi vél ræður við afar flókin verkefni og er hún níu ása alls.


Mazak Vertical Center NNexus 530-II HS 


Mazak VTC 800/20 SR, 5 ása fræsivél, borðstærð 800x2500mm. Mazak Quick Turn Nexus 350-II M Rennibekkur



DMU 80 P hi-dyn 5-Axis-Machining Center

DMU 50 eVo Linear 5-Axis-Machining Center



Haas TL 15B Rennibekkur, ár 2005
Haas TL2 Rennibekkur, ár 2005
Haas VF2 Fræsivél, ár 2005



Milltronics ML15 Rennibekkur, ár 2000
Milltronics Fræsivél, ár 2000



Agie Mondo-Star EDM Spark Erotion Neistagraf